General Information

If you're registered for a pitch or consult with an agent or editor, here is the information you'll need to be aware of before the conference in September. Please note the due date for Manuscript Consults. Emails will be sent to all registered attendees with the time slot for your appointment with one of our special guests. Please be respectful of time. Arrive about 10 minutes early so we can stay on schedule and don't monopolize the agent's/editor's time after your session is over.

* Be late
* Come unprepared
* Overstress or worry (Agents and editors are often introverts and perhaps socially awkward just like us!)

* Smile and breathe! Be confident--not self-deprecating.
* Dress professional
* Bring something to take notes on
* Arrive about 10 minutes early for your session
* Know the agent/editor you're pitching to--it's good to be familiar with other books they've repped or worked on.
* Be gracious. Regardless of whether they want to see more or not, thank them for their time.
* If they request a full or partial manuscript, make sure to follow their submission instructions

Manuscript Consults

These 20-minute critique sessions are for a ONE page query letter plus the first TEN pages of your manuscript. The agent/editor will pre-read the pages prior to your session and provide detailed feedback. It is imperative to send your pages by the due date as we send these in one batch to our agents/editors.

The pages are due by AUGUST 10, 2018.

Submission instructions:

Include the query and first ten pages in a single attachment (.doc or .docx). The pages should be formatted as follows:
* Double spaced
* 12 point, Times New Roman font
* One inch margins
* Include a title page with the title of your book, your name, and the genre (this is not part of your total pages)
* Save the document as LAST NAME and BOOK TITLE, such as JANE DOE, My ANWA Experience
* EXCEPTION: Your query letter should be single spaced
* In the email subject line, please write: MS Consult for [AGENT/EDITOR NAME]. Attach the document and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We will contact you a week before the conference with the time and place for your session.

Query Consults

These 10-minute sessions will provide an on-the-spot critique of your query letter. They will not be sent in advance, which means you need to bring a copy with you to the conference.

Authors must bring a paper copy of their query letter to the session. You may bring the first page of your manuscript, but the agent/editor may or may not look at it depending on time constraints.

* Query letter should be no more than one page, single-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.
* First page should follow the above, but double-spaced.

We will contact you a week before the conference with the time and place for your session.

Pitch Sessions

These sessions are 10 minutes where you will briefly give a verbal introduction of your book. This introduction is typically around 30 seconds or less. The agent/editor may then ask follow-up questions so you can discuss your book more fully.

Some may choose to write down their pitch on a notecard to bring to the session.

* Practice, practice, practice!
* Make sure your pitch is clear and concise, giving enough detail, but not so much that it's a synopsis. Think of it as a verbal back-of-the-book blurb.
* Be ready to answer questions about your manuscript.
* Try to summarize your entire project in one or two catchy sentences. Your pitch is basically a three-part sentence: (Your protagonist) (takes this action) (because of this motivation.) This will grab the editor/agent's attention and make them interested to hear more.

We will contact you a week before the conference with the time and place for your session.

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